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Diziwoods – KKmoon Mini DIY 6 in 1 Multi-functional Motorized Transformer Jigsaw Grinder Driller Hardware Lathe Wood Lathe Drilling Sanding Turning Milling Sawing Machine Tool Kit Metal Version

Price: Specifications: Material: Aluminum Alloy + Zinc Alloy Color: Black + Red Motor Speed: 20000rpm Plug Type: US Plug Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC 12V 4A          Power: 48W 6-in-1 Functions: Drilling, Sanding, Turning Lathe, Milling, Sawing, Wood Turning Lathe Can Process Objects: Wood, Plastics, Soft Metal(Gold, Silver,, Aluminium,etc. Package Size: 47.5 * 36 * 10cm / 18.70 * 14.17 * 3.94in Package Weight: 4.5kg / 9.92 lb Technique Data of Grinder: Operating Space: 120 * 100mm […]

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Diziwoods – 1/2hp 40 Inch 4 Speed Power Wood Turning Lathe 14×40 In

Price: BRAND NEW – Electric BENCH WOOD LATHE – Over 4′ feet Long! This lathe is a machine tool which spins a block of material (wood) to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of rotation. Woodworking lathes are the oldest variety. An adjustable horizontal metal rail – the tool rest – between the material […]

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Diziwoods – Mini Electric Drill Sculpture Grinder Tools Set, DIY Wood Jade Stone Small Crafts Cutting Drilling Grinding Engraving Micro Precision Electrical Hand Drill Pen Kit

Price: Qleng Micro Handheld Electric Engraving Grinding Pen professional for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, drawing, trimming, polishing, removing and drilling. It’s designed for application of stainless steel, porcelain, stone, glass, plastic, wood, aluminum gift, bracelet, etc. Note: How to change accessories: ●Make the machine in a state of rest ●Hold the spindle lock by hand ●Unscrew the collet nut clockwise ●Put accessories in the collet nut, tighten the collet nut counter clockwise Specifications: Material: Metal + Electronic […]

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Beyond Design Trends: How Reclaimed Wood Went Mainstream

From The Architect’s Newspaper: The renovated Green Building in Louisville, Kentucky uses beautiful old growth wood that is original to the building

Reclaimed wood is a popular design trend today. This versatile building material has quickly gained momentum with some of the top designers and architects, and you’ll see it gracing commercial buildings across the globe. Fittingly, reclaimed wood has a long and storied past. The reclaiming of wood stretches back to the early twentieth century with methods evolving over time. Here’s an abridged history of reclaimed wood and a look into its impact on contemporary architecture and design.

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Diziwoods – Swpeet 10” Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base, Metal Blade Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working

Price: Swpeet Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base, Metal Blade Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working Features: —- This Isa good starter/beginner plane to use. It is a Specilized handy tool for carpenter sharpener using. —-This Spokeshave has a steel blade and precision adjustment knobs which makes ideal for shaping surfaces,such as shaping chair seats and legs. —- Heavy cast iron body, high carbon heat with double handles for efficient control. Package […]

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Diziwoods – Zinnor Mini Metal Wood Lathe DIY 6 in 1 Machine Lathe (Saw, Drills, Sander, Wood Lathes, Milling Machines, and Metal Lathes) Ship From USA 3-6 Days

Price: 🌵1. Jig-Saw Machine Table Size: 90x90mm It can cut straight and curve lines Special design will cause slighter vibration Motor blades and gear are made by metal structure for durable use Maximum Cutting Thickness: Hardwood- 4mm; Plywood- 7mm; Softwood- 18mm; Aluminum Sheeting- 0.5mm; Plexi-Glass- 2mm; 🌵 2. Drilling Machine Slide travel: 30mm and 50mm Clamp dimensions: 25X35mm Collet size: 1 to 6 mm Work space: 123x100mm Can be converted into a hand drill or hand grinding […]

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Diziwoods – Genmine Mini Metal Wood Lathe DIY 6 in 1 Machine Lathe DIY Tool Kit Jigsaw Grinder Motorized Transformer Multipurpose Milling Sanding Turning Sawing Drilling Lathe Machine Ship From USA 2-4 Days

Price: ♥Description: This 6 in 1 kit can be transformed into six different functional machines including jig-saw machine, drilling machine, sanding machine, wood-turning lathe, milling machine and metal lathe. The base of the machine is made of durable aluminum alloy and the external shell is made of engineering plastic. Since it can work with wood and acrylic as well as metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, it is perfect for model making, art projects, DIY, and […]

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Diziwoods – DCT Heavy-Duty Live Tailstock Wood Lathe Center, 1MT – Woodworking Tapered Turn Center, Pen Making, Bowl Turning

Price: Support your work at the tailstock end of your lathe when turning bowls and pens with this DCT #1MT Tailstock Center. The 60-degree pointed tapered end relieves tension, and the precise ball bearing design allows for smooth turning and offers more range of motion. The arbor works with any unit that has a #1 morse taper (1MT) tail stock. Check your machine’s user manual for the tail stock taper size to know if 1MT is the […]

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Diziwoods – Tongue and Groove Set, 2Pcs Router Bit Set Wood Door Flooring 3 Teeth Adjustable T Shape Wood Milling Cutter Woodworking Tool 1/2 Inch Shank,For Router Table/Base Router, Kitchen/Bathroom/Cabinets

Price: Specifications: Material:Cemented Carbide Color:Yellow Size: Shank diameter: 1/2 “(12.7 MM) Tooth width: 1/4 “(6.35 MM) Tooth depth: 1/4 “(6.35 MM) Tongue Router Bit Size:75 x 40mm/2.95 x 1.57″(L x Dia) Groove Router Bit Size:72 x 40mm/2.83 x 1.57″(L x Dia) Max Rotating Speed: 12000 Weight:238g Applicable to the size of the board:13-19mm Package included: 1xTongue Router Bit 1xGroove Router Bit Safety instructions: 1. Razor blades permanently enclosed in a cartridge or housing with less than 2mm […]

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