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A Short History of Wood Turnings


Turning is the artwork of shaping wood whereas it’s revolving, consequently to supply curved surfaces that could be something from easy cylinders to extra complicated wreathed or spiral shapes. As such, for a really very long time the artwork and commerce of the turner was thought-about and stored separate from that of the joiner, though there was inevitably a lot overlap as when, for instance, a joiner wanted to supply turned chair or desk legs, balusters, or […]

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A Short History of Shelves and Bookcases


Whereas a case suggests a closed object, bookcases at the moment are very generally open fronted, and as such are sometimes actually not more than a easy collection of cabinets designed to carry books. Thus, curiously, the bookcase has come full circle from its earliest type as a easy shelf, mostly built-in within the wall within the method of early aumbries, the place a medieval scribe stored the ebook or codex he was writing, by means of […]

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