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A Short History of Shelves and Bookcases


Whereas a case suggests a closed object, bookcases at the moment are very generally open fronted, and as such are sometimes actually not more than a easy collection of cabinets designed to carry books. Thus, curiously, the bookcase has come full circle from its earliest type as a easy shelf, mostly built-in within the wall within the method of early aumbries, the place a medieval scribe stored the ebook or codex he was writing, by means of […]

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Engineer Shelves With The Sagulator


A elementary design concern that woodworkers face when building bookcases and different shelf models is the best way to design a shelf that won’t sag. Not solely is a sagging shelf ugly, however it might even be a security concern.  There are a number of elements that have an effect on the quantity of shelf sag: the fabric used; the thickness, width, and size; and the anticipated load the shelf will carry. Figuring out applicable values for a few of these elements […]

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