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Can You Sharpen Disposable Razors?

&#thirteen; &#thirteen; So Can You Sharpen Disposable Razors? I lately discovered you can truly prolong the lifetime of disposable razors. Principally it’s type of like these leather-based strops that have been as soon as generally seen in cartoons. (At the least that’s the one place I’ve ever seen them in use.) For disposable razors, denim works higher than leather-based by eradicating whiskers and hard water deposits caught between the blades and honing the chopping edges. So I […]

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How to Sharpen a Gooseneck Scraper

There’s no scarcity of scraper-sharpening movies out there on the internet. Heck, even our website has two of them: Scraper Sharpening with William Ng and How to Sharpen a Card Scraper. However even after you achieve confidence in your capability to sharpen a common card scraper, you may balk on the problem of how to sharpen gooseneck scraper. The excellent news is it’s actually no totally different. On this video, I present you the tactic I exploit […]

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