I built my own coffin


Properly positive, why not! Haha!

I love building Halloween tasks. It’s my absolute favourite vacation of the yr! I made a small, coffin-formed sweet field a pair years in the past and determined to ramp it up and go full sized this yr. I built my own coffin!

Home Made Coffin

Principally, I needed this to be a stylized prop coffin. It ought to take the type of the basic “toe pincher” coffin we’ve all seen, however I needed it to look previous and creepy. I’m not precisely positive why somebody would have an previous creepy coffin. Perhaps they dug it as much as reuse it? I dunno, however it simply seems to be cooler this manner.

To realize this, I wanted it to truly be useful. Nicely, maintain a full-sized physique, however constructed in a means that appears at although it have been slapped collectively. I used strong pine boards and made positive to go away cracks between them. It was sort of enjoyable choosing them out at Home Depot, on the lookout for warped and knotty boards!

The edges are fairly sturdy. I used pocket screws to hitch the boards collectively, making two lengthy panels.

The trickiest half was chopping out the bevels the place the edges be a part of collectively. I used my desk noticed for this.

Subsequent, I “tacked” the top of the coffin along with screws. This that is simply to assist maintain it’s form whereas I can set up the braces. Screwing into the top grain alone like this is able to make for a really weak connection.

The braces are beveled alongside one edge to match the angles of the boards and screwed into the edges and edge grain.

Then I repeated this process for the decrease half of the coffin.

Utilizing a few pipe clamps I pulled the 2 halves collectively and put in braces to attach them.

I cut a shallow bevel alongside the face of those braces.

I laid out boards for the bottom of the coffin and punctiliously set the edges on them.

I related these base boards collectively utilizing brief boards and screwed them in at cockeyed angles. These are the one boards holding the bottom collectively, however as soon as it’s screwed to the edges, the coffin could have a number of power.

As soon as these braced have been screwed in place, I drew an overview of the coffin, throughout the edges and cut out the bottom utilizing my round noticed.

Subsequent, I did the identical routine with the boards for the lid.

I stained the field utilizing a darkish stain, letting it go on blotchy as potential…no pre-stain conditioner! Then I painted some hinges black and hooked up them.

To additional age the coffin, I sprayed black paint in random blotches.

Lastly, I drilled holes within the sides and added some rope handles, knotted on the within.


I’m sorry I didn’t have time to attract up detailed plans this week, however these will no less than assist you to know the angles you’ll need to make your own. 

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