Diziwoods – Zinnor Mini Metal Wood Lathe DIY 6 in 1 Machine Lathe (Saw, Drills, Sander, Wood Lathes, Milling Machines, and Metal Lathes) Ship From USA 3-6 Days

Price: $169.99

🌵1. Jig-Saw Machine

Table Size: 90x90mm
It can cut straight and curve lines
Special design will cause slighter vibration
Motor blades and gear are made by metal structure for durable use
Maximum Cutting Thickness: Hardwood- 4mm; Plywood- 7mm; Softwood- 18mm; Aluminum Sheeting- 0.5mm; Plexi-Glass- 2mm;

🌵 2. Drilling Machine

Slide travel: 30mm and 50mm
Clamp dimensions: 25X35mm
Collet size: 1 to 6 mm
Work space: 123x100mm
Can be converted into a hand drill or hand grinding
Adjustable angle from 0-180 degrees for flexible useIt can process wood, soft-aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, etc.

🌵 3. Sanding machine

Working area: 123x100mm
Equipped with a small grinding wheel and grinding wheel cover, it can be used for polishing, grinding, also can undertake various handheld angle grinding.

🌵 4. Wood-turning Lathe

Maximum diameter of processed materials: 45mm
Length of processing materials: 135mm

🌵 5. Milling Machine

Slide travel: 30-50mm
Collect size: 1 to 6 mm
Clamping dimension: 30mm
Adopt a milling cutter for more effective
Milling machine can be transformed to X, Y, Z three dimensional space operation

🌵 6. Metal Lathe

3-jaw chuck (self-centering)
Length of Processing Materials: 135mm
The maximum diameter of the processed Materials: 20mm

🌵 Maintenance:

Fix the machine on the board or other table. Shot off the power when not use.
Wear protect goggles when operating the machine.
Keep its surface clean and dry, maintain the machine and lubricate the motive parts in time.

🌵 Package Included:

1 X 6 In 1 Mini Multifunctional Machine
1 X Instruction Book

✅ [6-in-1 Kit] This six-in-one micro-woodworking lathe can be converted into six different types of machines, including jigsaws, drilling machines, sanders, woodworking lathes, milling machines and metal lathes.
✅ [100% Security Protection]: The mini multi-purpose woodworking lathe has built-in overheat protection device to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The special design of the saw blade ensures the safety of use. Even if the saw tooth touches the skin, it will only produce slight vibration and will not be cut. Turn off the power when not in use. Wear eye protection when operating the machine.
✅ [Efficient and Time-saving]: 6-in-1 mini woodworking lathe kit has over-current, over-voltage and over-heat protection functions, safe and secure use, 20,000 rpm high-speed motor, more efficient and time-saving.
✅ [For Different People]: Suitable for making models or samples, processing teaching, product creation inventions, DIY, etc. to meet different needs. Mini size (1.41*1.18*0.36In), easy to carry and easy to operate.
✅ [U.S. Shipment]: This 6-in-1 mini lathe DIY machine is shipped directly from the United States, delivered to your door and delivered within 2-3 days! 30 days no reason to return! This six-in-one woodworking lathe kit can be converted into six different functional machines, including jig saws, drills, sanders, wood lathes, milling machines and metal lathes.

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