Diziwoods – PSI Woodworking LXPMSET Ultra Carbide Chisel System

Price: $82.43 - $79.99

We have taken the concept of a modular, multi-function & easy-to-use chisel system to a new level with our Ultra Carbide Chisel System. Carbide is the edge of choice for turners because it stays sharp while maintaining its cutting edge up to 20 times longer than HSS. The system’s unique design uses a single handle with three interchangeable cutters. To change applications, simply replace the cutter in the handle. Carriers attach to the handle, which include the cutter profile specific to your turning application. The cutters are solid, long lasting carbide with an ultra sharp edge. When dull, simply rotate the cutter to expose a clean sharp edge. Once all edges are dull, you simply replace the cutter in the carrier. If you’re a pen turner, you will appreciate this system with the 2″ radius cutter that makes cutting pen barrels fast & accurate. The tool features a flat surface on the handle blade that you can easily slide over the tool rest for straight & level cuts. We’ve included a chip deflector for a clean & safe turning experience. The deflector magnetically attaches to the flat top surface of the chisel blade. The system is easy to store & carry with its durable nylon carry pouch. Components of the Ultra Carbide Chisel System: Handle has overall length 16″ with a 4.5″ blade and rubber grip , durable nylon carry pouch , magnetic chip deflector , 3 carriers, 3 different cutter profiles , Allen wrench.One handle works for 3 included cutter profiles: 2″ Radius, 3/8″ Round, Detail Diamond
System includes: handle, 3 cutter profiles, 3 cutter carriers, magnetic chip deflector, Allen wrench, durable nylon carrying pouch
Ultra sharp carbide cutters have numbered edges for reliable rotation
Flat bottom handle blade ensures straight, level cut along tool rest
To change applications, simply replace the cutter in the handle

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