Diziwoods – High Five Multi-Angle Template Aluminum Ruler Adjustable Measuring Template Tool, for Trades, Woodwork, Quilting (Aluminum, Black)

Price: $19.97 - $11.47

Measure once, cut many!

When you have to duplicate a precise line or angle, over and over, High Five brings you the compact, handy tool to do the job. Replicate your shape with ease and precision, over and over, after a single measurement. Nice!

Quilters and artists, this is for you, too!

Sure, carpenters, tile and carpet layers love this tool, but anyone who needs straight lines, or exact angles, will find a use for this tool. It collapses to a tight, compact size so you can pop it into a sewing kit or sketch box. It’ll tuck into a pocket to keep at your fingertips on any work project.

Save time and aggravation.

Make the most of your professional and precious time, stop wasting effort, and make your job easy on yourself. Pick up your High Five Multi-Angle Ruler today.Craftsman’s Friend: Whether woodworking, quilting, laying tile, or you’re an artist at a drawing board, High Five helps you keep your lines straight and angles right
Create and Measure Complicated, Multi-Angle Layouts: Duplicate an unusual joining, ensure the flooring fits in that odd angle corner. This 4-ruler set lets you create a template for any job
Four Rulers, Endless Combinations: Slide and lock each ruler up, down, in, away, create squares, triangles, diamonds, rectangles and so many more
Multiple Tools in One: This ruler can be a T-square, right-angle, even create circles! Measure smart, make it easy on yourself, keep your toolbox clutter down
Universal Adaptability: Measure once, create a template to use over and over. Made of sturdy, rust-proof aluminum, this multi-use, multi-measurement tool fits in your toolbox and your life!

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