Diziwoods – Adjustable Nylon Spring Clamps 20-pieces 2 Inch Muslin Clamps for Photo Studio Backdrops Woodworking DIY Projects

Price: $9.99

SunJolly 20-piece Spring Clamps

-Spring clamps are very common carpentry tools used to hold two or more items together.
-These clamps are excellent for photography, woodworking, artwork, garage/home, and anywhere you may need a top-quality plastic spring clamp.
-Their strong spring and light package make these clamps very easy to use and tough enough to work with.
-Even use the clamps for a long time, they will not break down. The clamps can be used to hang paper/plastic/non-woven backdrops and so on.


-Moveable teeth help you to clip the backdrop in any direction.
-Strong spring and the rough surface enable itself to clamp anything onto the stand tightly.
-Combine ergonomic with advanced technology to provide comfortable grip to you. Light, strong and reliable.
-Toothed area below jaw ends can be used to hold round objects, and pivoting jaws hold irregular items.
-Durable clamps are both strong enough to hold objects together and yet gentle enough not to scratch or damage the items.
-Spring clamps are inexpensive tools that provide many uses, making them essential to virtually anyone’s tool arsenal.


-2.8 inch x 1.8 inch
-Maximum opening 1.6 inch mouth
-Weight: 7.2 oz
-Material: Nylon

package include :

20 x 2inch Spring backdrop clamp★Included: 20 PC 2 inch clamps.2.8 inch x 1.8 inch,Maximum opening 1.6 inch mouth.
★Swivel pads at the ends:Soft durable pads to protect fine finishes.
★Used one-handed:you can easily put one or two spring clamps to work holding a stop block in position.
★Strong and reliable:Reinforced nylon construction for strength.
★Widely Used: For small arts & craft projects or using them to secure paper canvases for painting, blue printing, securing fabric or backdrops, woodworking, DIY, and more.

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