Diziwoods – 238PCS Rotary Tool Accessories Kit Electric Grinding Set With Grinding End & Black Piece for DIY Woodworking Carving Drilling with Wooden Storage Box

Price: $25.79 - $19.79

1.Cutting: Cutting wheels, fiberglass cutter of wheel: cut thin metal; Stainless steel saw blades: cut plastic
2.Sanding: Sanding bands: Grind, polish, mold, remove paint for wooden furniture; Sanding paper: Grind and polish for wooden furniture
3.Grinding & Sharpening: Aluminum oxide grinding wheels: universal type that used for grinding and sharpening metals; Silicon carbide grinding wheels: especially used for grinding glass, ceramic tile and metal; Whet Stone: grinding high-speed steel cutting tools, grinding hard and brittle materials such as ceramics
4.Cleaning: Nylon brush and Stainless steelbrush: remove dust and dirt
5.Polishing: Rubber wheels: polish metal, glass, stone; Wool wheels: removes stains, polishmetal; Red grinding paste: polish metal with the wool wheel
6.Drilling: HSS drill bit: drill for wood and plastic
7.Carving & Engraving: HSS milling cutter: mold, chamfer and engroove for wood and plastic; Diamond pointed wheel: carve on metal, ceramic tile, and glass
Material: steel, copper and diamond wool
External box size: about 12.7 x 6 x 2 inches
Weight: 1.52LB
Package list: 238pcs electric grinding accessories.´╝łAs show in picture)
Packaging: wooden storage box
We are delicated to providing high quality products and considerate services to our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied, for whatever reason, please do email us to let us solve for you before leaving a feedback. We appreciate your understanding and generosity!Muti-funtions: Cutting, Sanding, Grinding & Sharpening, Cleaning, Polishing, Drilling, Carving & Engraving(Pls see the description for details.)
WIDE USAGE:1/8″diameter shanks, compatible with most rotary tools; Ideal for for home improvement, hobby, craft and whenever you need to polish, grind, drill, cut, engrave, and more
WOODEN STORAGE BOX: Wooden box can be used repeadly; Keeps all parts been placed orderly, well organized to prevent scattered and confused
Mandrel: connect with grinding wheel, sanding paper and wool wheel
Wrench: unscrew, fasten chuck nut and mandrel,238PCS ASSORTED ACCESSORIES – Includes 237Pcs rich rotary tool accessories and 5Pcs Different Size High Speed Saw Blade of cutting, grinding, sanding, sharpening, polishing, engraving, drilling, cleanin, meet your various DIY application requirements

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