These Blind Woodturners Are An Inspiration


As a young man, Christopher Fisher, the Blind Woodturner, lost his eyesight. Four years later, when he decided he wanted to learn to turn wood he listened to close to 600 hours of You Tube videos in order to teach himself. Today he gives woodturning demonstrations and lectures hoping to inspire and motivate others.

“This might freak you out, but I don’t want my eyesight back. I’m happy with who I am now…” says Fisher.

John Furniss, also known as the Blind Woodsman, lost his eyesight at the age of 16. During his time at the School for the Blind in Salt Lake City, Utah, he met a blind woodshop teacher who changed his life. John says, he learned more than woodworking: the teacher also inspired John’s creativity and gave him the confidence to create beautiful things.

“I always like to say I was really born the day I became blind,” John said. “I am so much more patient, peaceful and zen now. I tend to think things through, and try to be logical and go with the flow”.

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