Links from Fine Woodworking issue #274

Online extras from FWW issue #274 

Video: From the Board Room 

Mike Farrington has been making videos from his shop, “The Board Room,” and has amassed quite a following on YouTube. Here, he gives Fine Woodworking the YouTube treatment and shows off his kumiko skills.

Video: Cutting-Edge Sharpener

Contributing editor Chris Gochnour is always looking for new ways to be a better sharpener. In this video, you’re sure to learn a sharpening trick or two from this hand-tool aficionado.


Article: Limbert Deconstructed (Coming Soon)

Limbert deconstructed At first glance, Charles Limbert’s designs might look similar to other Arts and Crafts furniture, but his work has distinct details that make his pieces stand out from other designs of the genre. Jonathan Binzen breaks out what makes Limbert’s designs unique.


Video: The Ballad of Peter Galbert (Coming 2/22)

Peter Galbert wowed the audience with his keynote at Fine Woodworking Live 2018. Online members can get in on the action now, too. Peter tells the fascinating story of how he became one of the world’s premier chairmakers, and why he still considers woodworking one of his life’s greatest passions.

Video: Lens Flair (Coming Soon)

For Ivy Siosi and Audi Culver, expressing their artistic side doesn’t end in the workshop. A major part of their story is told through Audi’s photos of their lives and work. What started as a graduate school project has turned into one of their greatest business assets.

Video: Hand-cut Tapered Dovetails

In this video, Chris Gochnour begins creating the tapered sliding dovetails by sawing out the sockets, and cleaning them up with a router plane.


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