Our favorite articles and videos of 2018–Part 2

How do you cap off a great year of woodworking articles and videos? Well, we decided to collect our favorites in two posts (Part 1 can be found here).  Each editor was asked to submit two selections. Of course, Anissa, Barry, and Jon Binzen weren’t able to whittle it down that far and submitted between 5 and 10.

As Anissa said:

“Oh man, Ben, this is hard. I’m looking through the folder of articles I worked on this year ( I know it was open to anything, but this just seemed less daunting), and I want to choose all of them! What we get to do for work is so cool!”

Well said Anissa!

What were your favorite articles and videos in Fine Woodworking this year? Let us know in the comments section!

Bandsawn Curves, Precise and Repeatable

Article Image


Tom McKenna
Editorial Director
“I love my 14-inch bandsaw. I use it for all sorts of jobs,
from joinery to ripping, but it’s still primarily a curve
cutting tool. I’m accurate, but I never fully realized how
much more accurate I could be until I read this article
by bandsaw virtuoso Brian Boggs. In it he unleashes
his machinery genius with great tips and jigs for
cutting perfect curves every time.”


Coopered Containers

Article Image

Mike Pekovich
Creative Director
“The article offers a really smart technique for cooping parts,
and shows how adding a wedge to the process can produce
dramatically different results. It doesn’t hurt that his trays
and baskets are beautiful as well.”

Video: Greenwood Shrink Pot–In Depth Version

Jon Binzen
Deputy Editor
“Danielle Rose Byrd’s video on shrink pots is a little gem.
I first saw it before it had narration, and I found it delightful
to watch and fascinating to hear—I especially loved the sound
of the twist auger as Byrd hollowed the pot—a wonderful
squelch-scrunch I’d never heard before. I wasn’t sure the video
would be improved with narration, but then I heard the final
version and liked it even better. Give it a listen (and a look).”

Michael Robbins Contemporary Desk

Article Image

John Tetreault
Deputy Art Director
“I love working textures into woodworking projects like
weathered wood or hammered copper. So, when Michael
Robbins added leather to the top of his thoughtfully designed
desk, I was in. Then I was laying out the pages
for the article and realized the drawer front also gets leather,

Nancy Hiller’s Architectural wall cabinet

Article Image

Anissa Kapsales
Associate Editor
“I love this article because it’s such a funky design for us!”

Workbench Helpers: Tips on holding work

Article Image

Barry Dima
Associate Editor
“I don’t know about you, but my workbench is my
most important tool, so any tricks for getting more
out of it is nothing but gravy.”


Video: Sharpening a Curved Scraper

Ben Strano
Digital Brand

“I just love how this video came about. I literally found
myself with time to burn in New Hampshire and stopped
by Peter’s shop and asked if he wanted to make a video
about anything. He said “I’ve got a cool way to sharpen
a scraper”, and ten minutes later the video was done.
That video lead to a great article as well. It’s like falling
off a log if you’re as talented as Peter Galbert!”




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